Double Shoe Ranch

We turn sunshine into beef. Careful attention to soil health and constant tending to our lush pastures allow us to produce some of the most nutritious and best tasting beef available. By allowing our pastures to grow tall before grazing we are able to capture more of the suns energy and turn it into healthy green plants with a deep root system. This keeps the grass strong and vibrant by not overgrazing, and in turn give our cattle the most nutritious feed available. Healthy grass equals healthy cows and that makes for great tasting and nutritious beef.

We want to be proud of what we produce. That is what drives us to look at every step of production and make it the best it can be. It all starts with the soil and we go to great lengths to protect and improve ours. Proper grass selection is crucial to both working in harmony with the soil we have and producing the highest quality and most nutritious feed available for our cattle. Modern cattle genetics are focused on high input feedlot production. We have reached back to foundation Angus genetics that are smaller and thicker to help us achieve an exceptional herd of cattle that are perfect for turning grass into great tasting beef. All this attention to detail at every step is what makes us confident you will be impressed with what we offer.

Located in the Appalachian foothills of Southern Ohio, Double Shoe Ranch was started by the Walker family in 1943. What began on just 65 acres has grown into what now is almost 1000 acres of owned and leased land, used to foster an exceptional herd of cattle.

For Sale

  • Cattle
    • $ 245
      • We have used outside sources of foundation Angus genetics from like minded producers along with careful selection for animals that thrive in our low input environment to produce an exceptional herd of tough easy keeping highly fertile cattle. We will occasionally offer select animals for sale here.
  • Beef
    • $ 185
      • Delicious and wholesome grass fed beef is available here. Taste the difference our attention to detail makes and supply your family with the great tasting, healthy beef it craves.
  • Misc
    • $ 310
      •  From time to time we have everything from hay to chickens for sale. Check in here to see available today.