Get to Know Us

Get to Know Us

Andrew Lou

I am currently a senior at Texas Christian University. I grew up in both Colorado and California as a double resident due to my parent’s businesses. I’ve always wanted to be a cowboy and I worked as a ranch hand in Colorado and Utah growing up. As a major in business agriculture in college, I wanted to work at Double Shoe Ranch to further my experience in the field of agriculture as well as learning new methods of the trade to further my knowledge of ranching.

I assist in maintaining the wellbeing of the Double Shoe Ranch herd through moving, observing, and processing. As well as agricultural land management.

I like working on the farm for a plethora of reasons. The Walker family has not only made me feel like a valued employee but a part of the family. The farm is an incredibly beautiful place to work. I truly enjoy being a part of the mechanism of agriculture that feeds our nation.

My favorite part of working on the ranch is the morning rides where I mount a horse and walk amongst the herd. Whether we’re moving the herd or just watching over them I feel connected with the generations of cowboys who have done this before.

My hobbies involve hunting, fishing, backcountry backpacking, as well as leading my church’s youth group